IT services are the products and services IT companies provide to their clients.

Services can be classified into two categories: Managed and Unmanaged.

Managed services are the products and services that an IT company provides for an on-site customer at a defined cost. The customer has the service defined with a set of standards, which they use on an ongoing basis. Unmanaged service is when there is no such agreement between the two parties and the IT company will provide solutions to any problems that arise with no predetermined price or solution-set.

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IT Services are essential for IT-related needs of the clients. It could be something like building an IT infrastructure or even implementing new technologies.

The services can range from designing software, to installing and maintaining hardware, managing networks, to creating new computer systems.

The IT service industry is one of the most rapidly growing industries. The services are divided into three main categories – consulting services, implementation services, and maintenance services.

Consulting Services: These are high-level IT services that are needed before an implementation or maintenance service can be offered. Types of consulting include general management support, business process design and analysis, technical architecture design and analysis, project management assistance with all phases of implementations, data center analysis and planning assistance. For example “The IT Consulting Group” offers a wide range of IT consultancy in order to help organisations improve their efficiencies through effective use of technology.

Implementation Services: It is the implementation phase in which the Service Provider puts in place the agreed solution to deliver fully functional systems for use at customer sites. Types of

A type of service provided by a company that offers a range of data processing and related services to a business or other organization.

IT SERVICES include the following:

– IT consulting, which helps an organization set up and run an information technology (IT) system;

– Systems integration, which integrates separate systems into one integrated system;

– Networking, to organize the flow of data between two or more devices or locations;

– Database management, including database design and implementation as well as the administration of databases to ensure their integrity and availability;

– Data center operation, which can include powering, cooling, managing access to equipment in a secure environment.

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